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Daler-Rowney Aquafine Watercolour paints offer free-flowing, vibrant and transparent watercolours, ideal for students and professional painters alike. The Aquafine Watercolours have excellent working properties and can be used to create beautiful and delicate washes.

  • High-quality pigments milled to perfection to offer optimal performance and control.
  • Excellent lightfastness (7 colours offering 4*).
  • Vibrant and transparent colours. ( each color with Transparency level)
  • Free-flowing.
  • Creates beautiful washes.
  • Made in England.

AQUAFINE WATERCOLOUR 10 Tube Slider Set  - This set contains 10 x 8ml tubes+ Slide palette for mixing colours.+Aquafine no 4 brush.

Colours  : Chinese White, Lemon Yellow, Vermillion (Hue), Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue, Ultramarine, Viridian (Hue), Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ivory Black.



Daler-Rowney Aquafine水彩顏料可提供自由流動,充滿活力和透明的水彩,非常適合學生和專業畫家。Aquafine水彩筆具有出色的表演,可用於創建美麗而細膩的水彩洗滌效果。

  • 高品質的顏料經過完美研磨,可提供最佳性能和控制效果。
  • 優異的耐光性(7種顏色提供4 *)。
  • 鮮豔透明的色彩。( 每個顏色都有表示透明程度)
  • 自由流動。
  • 創造美麗的水彩洗滌效果。
  • 英國製造。


這款口袋套裝具有Aquafine 10種 8ml支裝,蓋子上有一個調色板,還有兩個滑出調色板。


中國白, 檸檬黃色,  朱紅(色相), 茜紅,   普魯士藍,  群青 ,  Viridian(色調), 土黃, 熟赭,  象牙黑,



There are many options for your choice, please visit Daler-Rowney Offiicial Website :

Rowney Aquafine Water Colour Tube Slider Set 10 Col. x 8ml- 威美水彩管套裝 10colx8ml

SKU: C2007A-131-025
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