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Pentel poster Color

  • Easy to use reliable, This poster color is convenient to use, vivid colors and excellent coverage density.
  • Tighten the bottle cap after each use.
  • Mix with water adequately making drawing smoother.
  • White color is commonly used in watercolor as correction or highlighting colors. 
  • Total 35 colors including 5 Fluorescent colors and 2 Peral Colors.



Pentel 廣告彩裝


  • 廣告彩
  • 覆蓋能力強, 白色是水彩畫常用來作修正或作加光的顏料.
  • 玻璃樽裝 
  • 容量:30ml
  • 全35色 




特別色: 螢光檸檬黃,螢光黃,螢光橙,螢光紅,螢光粉紅,螢光綠,螢光藍,珍珠金,珍珠銀

Pentel Poster Colour 30ml 蟠桃兒廣告彩30毫升樽裝

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