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Kenny Ip Original Design -Muti Function Bag & Tote


這2款別緻的多功能袋, 布料厚而耐用, 小 Tote 袋更是絨布面, 更覺精緻.


它的畫面, 是Kenny 的畫作 :




你帶著這獨特文化魅力不輪你身在那裡, 都會為你帶來帶。


These two unique multi-functional bags are made of thick and durable fabric. The small Tote bag is made of velvet and feels more elegant.


The content of the bag/ tote is from Kenny's paintings: Expressing The Complexity & Mystery of HK.

The light and shadow of the past contain a ray of endless poetry, it evokes the inner nostalgia for the past time and creates an artistic atmosphere with rich artistic conception.

Kenny wishes time could come back in thoughts or emotions and be able to express emotions and memories of Hong Kong's passing through his works. He recorded all these characteristics on the paintings, allowing viewers to review Hong Kong from a different perspective.

The bag carries Kenny's  artworks , you can see style of Kenny from the various lines, brushstroke techniques, transparent and dark contrasts, and color to demonstrate the contrast between light and shadows of the city and the details of the buildings. This is what he cherrishes--the charm of Hong Kong' with its unique culture. Bring the bag home if you support his artworks. 


Original Design Muti-function Bag/ Tote 原創多功能袋

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