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Ocean-i Piccolo Squirrel hair Watercolor Brush

  • Designed by Watercolor painter from International Watercolor Society. 
  • Hand-crafted , enhanced brush-point technique in the brush making process, can be use for large area work as well as find details. 
  • Made by premium Squirrel Hair. Have great water absorption and strong resilience.
  • With open end brush cap to let the tip dry natrually, this is a good way to keep the hair longer and healthy. The wide cap end can hold the brush upright rested. 

How to use :

When the brush is first being used, loosening of some brush hair may occur.

This is regarded as normal situation due to the final procedure of the brush making: the brush maker will use scissors to trim the pointed shape of the brush.

Some short and fragmented brush hair may therefore be trapped inside the brush leading to the brush hair loosen which may affect writing or painting.
This situation, however, could be avoided by going through the preparation process before using the brush.

Preparation process before using the brush:
Before using the brush, use the thumb to press on the dry brush hair and rub gently in order to remove the fragmented brush hair and glue. Wash the brush hair with warm water for 3 to 5 minutes. Then use tissue paper to absorb the water from the brush hair and the brush will be ready to use.

Washing the brush:
Do not immerse the entire brush into the water during the wash, as this act will make the rod as well as the connection between the brush hair and the rod becoming fragile. Hence, need only to wash the brush hair.
The brush hair has to be cleaned thoroughly, as the residual ink or paint will cause great harm to the brush hair. The brush shall be hanging vertically with the brush tip pointing downward after cleaning while letting the brush wind-dry naturally, to avoid the residual ink or paint being flowed towards the rod and hence causing mold or loosening of the brush hair.


Ocean-i owner tells you how this brand come from /海津創辦人告訴你, 海津的由來 :




  • 由國際水彩畫協會的水彩畫家設計。
  • 手工製作,在製筆過程中增強了刷點技術,吸水性強,自然回鋒,筆尖細膩, 適用於大面積工作以及指向細部細節。
  • 帶開口筆蓋, 讓筆頭自然風乾,這是保持毛髮更耐用和健康的好方法。 寬帽端可以保持刷子直立擺放。

如何使用 :


由於刷子製作的最後一道工序,刷子製造商會用剪刀修剪刷子的尖頭形狀, 這被認為是正常情況。



用筆前,用拇指按壓乾燥的刷毛,輕輕揉搓,以去除碎裂的刷毛和膠水。用溫水清洗刷毛 3 到 5 分鐘。然後用紙巾吸掉刷毛上的水分,筆就可以使用了。







Ocean-i Piccolo Squirrel hair Watercolor Brush 海津松鼠毛竹笛水彩筆

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