Daler-Rowney Oils and the best of both worlds ensure the glossy surface and pure lightfast colour demanded by artists worldwide.


Artists' Oil Colour Professional

Daler-Rowney Professional Artists’ Oil paint offers professional artists superb colour brilliance and permanence.

Ideal for impasto techniques, Artists’ Oil colours are characterised by their thick buttery consistency and their uniform gloss-finish.

  • Purest pigments triple-milled.
  • Optimal lightfastness and permanence (19 colours offering 4*).
  • Thick buttery consistency.
  • Superb colour brilliance.
  • Excellent covering power.
  • This range has series A to F
  • Made in England.






  • 是專業畫家的油畫顏料, 為專業畫家提供了卓越的色彩鮮豔度和持久性。
  • 具有濃厚的油潤稠度和均勻的光澤感,是塗膠技術的理想之選。
  • 最純淨的顏料經過三重研磨。
  • 最佳的耐光性和持久性(19種顏色提供4 *)。
  • 精湛的色彩光彩。
  • 出色的遮蓋力。
  • 此系列是分A到F的色系
  • 英國製造。












Rowney Artists' Oil Colour 38ml Series C-2 威美專業油畫顏色 系列C-2

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