Lukas is a Germany brand , made in Germany. Regardless of whether you would like to do decorative painting on cups, plates and other porcelain pieces, strong contour lines and fine details or sweeping strokes, the Nerchau Porcelan Art Pen is a real all-rounder.

Note: Shake the pen before use until mixing balls can be heard hitting together. Please store pens horizontally. Remove cap and pump until the tip is saturated with ink.


  • They are perfect for painting on mugs, plates and other ceramic products. ,
  •  A round tip allows you to obtain both details and contours as well as expressive strokes ,
  • If necessary, the colours can be repainted several times.
  • Products painted after firing can be washed in the dishwasher,


Direction for  use:

  • The surface of the decorated object should be thoroughly cleaned. It can be painted several times. 
  • The ink must dry for 4 hours. After this time, the resulting work should be placed in a cool oven, heated to 160 ° C and fired for 90 minutes. The work can only be removed after the oven has cooled down.


Choice :

10 color set : Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Violet, Blue,Light Blue, Green, Brown, Black

4  color set 
· Classic: Red, Blue, Green, Black
· Trend: Yellow, Orange, Pink, Light Blue


Lukas是德國品牌,德國製造,Nerchau Porcelan Art顏色是瓷器繪畫的理想伴侶。 無論您是要在杯子,盤子和其他瓷器上做裝飾性的繪畫,濃烈的輪廓線和精美的細節還是大筆觸,Nerchau Porcelan Art Pen都是真正的多功能手。


  • 如有必要,可以將顏色重塗幾次。


  • 它們非常適合在杯子,盤子和其他陶瓷產品上繪畫。
  • 圓頭可造出細節和輪廓以及富有表現力的筆觸。
  • 燒製後塗漆的產品可以在洗碗機中清洗。





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