Lukas is a Germany brand , made in Germany, The Nerchau Porcelan Art colors are the ideal companion in porcelain painting. Simple white porcelain turns into a colourfuldecoration with your personal touch. They are the guarantee of success forall your artistic ideas. A wide range of colourshades ensures that your individual designs onyour porcelain become true – no matter if it is avase, a cup or a plate!


  • Colour palette offers 18 color choices and 2 contour colours
  • The professional oven fixable porcelain colour from nerchau can easily be fixed in the oven in about 35 minutes at 150-160°C.
  • After fixing,the colours are very brilliant and dishwasher resistant.
  • Can be applied to all heat-stable bases such as porcelain, china, earthenware,terracotta, metal, copper and glass.
  • Solvent-free and water-thinnable


This is the Contour Color : Black, Gold in 28 ml each


Lukas是德國品牌,德國製造,Nerchau Porcelan Art顏色是瓷器繪畫的理想伴侶。 簡單的白色瓷器加上您的個性化色彩設計, 無論是花瓶,杯子還是盤子將變成獨特的裝飾。 它們是所有藝術創意成功的保證。 各種各樣的色澤確保您在瓷器上的創作成為現實!


  • 提供18種顏色選擇和2種輪廓色
  • 來自nerchau的專業瓷色, 可以輕鬆地在150-160°C下約35分鐘的時間內在烤箱中固定顏色。
  • 固定後,顏色非常鮮豔並且耐洗, 共可以抵禦洗碗機的洗滌而不易褪色。
  • 可適用於所有熱穩定的胚座,例如 瓷器,陶器,陶泥,金屬,銅和玻璃。
  • 不含溶劑和可水稀釋
  • 可加少許白醋以清潔筆尖.


    Nerchau Porcelain Art Contour Colours Nerchau陶瓷圍邊顏色

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