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A Korean Brand, started from 1946, with the mission of " Color your Life", offering a wide range from kids to life long catering your sense of Art needs.  


Gallery Artists' Hand-Made Soft Pastel Sets:

Mungyo Gallery Soft Pastels are completely handmade, less binder is required to hold the pigment together, making for a much softer pastel with tremendous blending capabilities.

The pigments themselves are of superior quality, with the highest light fastness ratings, ensuring your artwork remains brilliant over time. As an added bonus, Gallery Handmade pastels match perfectly with Mungyo’s line of Gallery Extra-Fine Soft Pastels & all 200 vibrant colors!

  • Hand-made soft pastel was rolled by hands to keep the softness.
  • This pasel has a wonderfully soft, almost "buttery" touch.
  • It gives you a unique painting experience and pleasure.
  • With this high-end soft pastel, professional artists can notice -how rich and vibrant their colors are and how smoothly the pastel stick glides across the surface of paper.
  • Vivid and brilliant colors - available up to 200 colors.
  • All techniques of the soft pastel can be applied perfectly Gradation, Dry-wash, etc.
  • Fade-resistant
  • Size : Ø14 ± 1 × 50 ± 5 mm. Round type

      Keep away from the moisture / external shock


Color set option: ( all packed in Cardboard box except 100 and 200 colors in Wooden Case)

15,30,60,100,200 are all in Assorted colors.

60 and 100 colors with Landscape shades and Portriat shades



一個韓國品牌,始於 1946 年,以“Color your Life”為使命,提供從兒童到藝術家的各種產品,滿足您對藝術的需求。




顏料本身質量上乘,具有最高的耐光性等級,確保您的藝術品隨著時間的推移保持光彩照人。 Gallery Handmade 粉彩與 Mungyo 的 Gallery Extra-Fine Soft Pastels 系列和所有 200 種鮮豔色彩可以完美搭配!

  • 韓國製造
  • 手工製作的柔和粉彩, 用=人手滾動製成以保持柔色棒軟度。
  • 非常柔軟,幾乎是“Cream”的觸感。
  • 它給你一個獨特的繪畫體驗和樂趣。
  • 借助這款高端柔和的粉彩,滿足專業藝術家對豐富色彩和鮮豔的要求,以及粉彩棒在紙表面上滑動的順暢程度。
  • 鮮豔明亮的色彩 - 多達 200 種顏色可供選擇。
  • 可以完美地應用漸變、乾洗等技巧。
  • 防褪色
  • 尺寸:Ø14 ± 1 × 50 ± 5 毫米。 圓形。 提議遠離潮濕/外部衝擊

顏色選項:(除100, 200 種顏色以木箱包裝 外, 其他以紙盒包裝)

60, 100色更有: 人像色、風景色系。

15、30、60、100、 200都是混色。

Mungyo Gallery Artists' Hand-Made Soft Pastel Sets 韓國大師級手作軟粉彩套裝

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