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The sustainable R.E.M.™-technology stands for Refill. Exchange. Mix. and characterizes all MOLOTOW™ pump markers, which were designed and produced in this concept. Thus the R.E.M.™-technology is not a secondary function, but a fundamental concept of Molotow product development that guarantees an controlled dye distribution.  There are also REFILL EXTENSIONS of different sizes to help you refill – so refilling stays clean.



  • Mix and match base on your needs.
  • interchangeable tips
  • Made in Germany


Product choice : A, B, C, D

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  • 獲得專利的毛細管系統,專利號DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04(111EM, 211EM, 222EM, 223EM, 311EM, 711EM), 611EM 除外
  • 通過FLOWMASTER™閥實現均勻的顏色分佈
  • 筆嘴可更換再用.
  • 不密封, 顏料可再補充 ( 30ml).
  • 德國製造

Molotow Refill Extensions( R.E.M.™ ) 環保補充配件

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