LIQUID CHROME™ - the 20 years edition!

The long-awaited, liquid chrome is the unique result of a long-term advancement of the BURNER™ ink. For the best mirror effect on smooth and non-absorbent surfaces.

There's already a big hype about these markers. The highly pigmented special ink creates a real mirror effect, which leads to high enthusiasm in the modelmaking, graffiti, hobby- and D.I.Y. scene.


  • alcohol-based
  • highly pigmented special ink 
  • high-gloss liquid chrome
  • highly opaque
  • permanent 
  • good UV resistance
  • limited scratch- and abrasion-proof 
  • refillable
  • exchangeable tips*


For a flawless function, adhere to the following order:

1. shake well (mixing of pigments)

2. pump

* The easy tip exchange and numerous exchange tips enable an endless flexibility. To avoid a possible reduction of the chrome effect, it is recommended to change the tip of the used marker after one year precautionarily.

Choice of tip size :   1 mm tip , 2mm tip, 4mm tip




  • 酒精性
  • 高顏料專用油墨
  • 高光澤液體鉻, 色彩持久
  • 高覆蓋率
  • 良好的抗紫外線性
  • 極耐刮擦和耐磨(與傳統產品相比)
  • 適用於幾乎所有表面
  • 用於室內和室外應用
  • 1種顏色:鍍鉻
  • 獲得專利的毛細管系統,專利號DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04
  • 通過FLOWMASTER™閥實現均勻的顏色分佈
  • 筆嘴可更換再用.
  • 不密封, 顏料可再補充.
  • 德國製造

Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers Molotow鍍銀筆

HK$78.00 Regular Price
HK$74.10Sale Price
  • Metalic Purple, Metalic Green, Metalic Turquoise and Metalic Pink color are also available on Medium-2.5mm size, please call us for delivery date.

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