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 The Empty Pump Markers are equipped with the FLOWMASTER™ Pump-Valve for an active paint flow control and the patented capillary system (patent no. DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04 – 111EM, 211EM, 222EM, 223EM, 311EM, 711EM) that guarantees an controlled dye distribution.  There are also REFILL EXTENSIONS of different sizes to help you refill – so refilling stays clean.

These markers show the best writing performance on almost every surface – indoor or outdoor. The mixing ball inside the markers makes sure that highly concentrated pigments are evenly distributed within the paint for optimal writing results. Therefore it is recommended to shake your marker well before use.

The tips of the markers are exchangeable. The markers have an high density cap with a rolling stop. Learn more about every single size here!


  • compatible with almost all inks
  • for mixing and storing your own shades
  • even color distribution through FLOWMASTER™ valve ( exception : 611EM)
  • refillable, filling qty : 5-35ml
  • interchangeable tips
  • The sustainable R.E.M.™ technology is a key feature of the empty pump markers. This REFILL. EXCHANGE. MIX. concept, the marker is not only refillable, but it also has an exchange tip, that can be bought separately.
  • Made in Germany


Product choice :



222EM- Soft Brush

223EM-Soft Chisel

    311EM-4 to 8 mm

    611EM- 15mm

    711EM- 60mm

    224EM- Twin Marker

    • compatible with the Refill Extension B – this ensures a greater a filling quantity.
    • 1.5 mm Round and 4 mm Round tip, acrylic classic ready.
    • Filling quantity: 5 ml. Sustainable and refillable with ONE4ALL™ refills. Refillable – min. 50 times
    • exchangeable tips

    Empty Brush

    • easy handling: perfectly suitable for pupils and students
    • fibre rod system
    • dimensionally stable, elastic brush tip for precise, comfortable application
    • with safety cap (suitable for children)
    • ideal for coloring, handlettering, graffiti sketching
    • compatible with MASKING LIQUID and BLENDER PRO Aqua Medium
    • up to 24 hours “Cap Off” function without drying out


    Check out more from below link:


    • 獲得專利的毛細管系統,專利號DE 197 30 454 IPC B43K 8/04(111EM, 211EM, 222EM, 223EM, 311EM, 711EM), 611EM 除外
    • 通過FLOWMASTER™閥實現均勻的顏色分佈
    • 筆嘴可更換再用.
    • 不密封, 顏料可再補充 ( 30ml).
    • 德國製造

    Molotow EMPTY Marker/Brush (R.E.M.™) Molotow 環保充墨筆

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