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MOLOTOW™ BLACKLINER is the perfect waterproof fineliner with archival ink.  Made in Germany.


The water-based fineliners were developed for resistant to chemicals, fade-resistant and wipe-proof in combination with water and alcohol-based inks. In doing so, the fineliner is perfectly suitable for sketches, outlines, finelines and precise illustrations e.g. graffiti sketches, comics and tattoo motives.


There are different, robust tips starting fro 0.05 mm - 1 mm, as well as special tips: Chisel, Round, Brush S and Calligraphy.


Due to its „Cap off“ function the waterproof fineliners are protected from drying out for 90-180 minutes*.


* stroke width 1.0 mm = 30 minutes

Molotow BLACKLINER permanent 0.05 - 1 MM, CHISEL, ROUND 漫畫針筆

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