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Kuretake launched its first brush pen in 1973, continuing to expand the line with each product having unique features for a variety of use. 

This series is a brush pen features a unique mechanism within a solid barrel that allows for the continuous flow of ink without the requirement of squeazing to release it.

  • You can create both narrow and wide lines by adjusting the pressure applied on the brush while writing.
  • Great for coloring large sections in illustration or manga, but also great for drawing fine lines and for lettering.
  • With 3 stroke-size : Fine brush(XO50F), Medium brush( XO050), Large brush (XO100)
  • Medium size with Vermillion ( XO050-070B) color, Gray ( XO050-091B) color.
  • When ink runs out, the cartridge is replaceable (XOC100-010S, XOC050-010S). Only black color available now.
  • Ink is water-based pigment ink that is water-resistant and does not fade or blend after drying.
  • Made in Japan with Quality control to manage richness and subtlety of colors are carefully considered
  • Certirications : Xylene-free, conforms to ASTM D 4236, ACMI-certified for safety, registered AP mark.






  • 您可以通過在書寫時調節施加在畫筆上的壓力來創建窄線和寬線。
  • 非常適合為插圖或漫畫中的大塊區域上色,也適合於繪製細線和刻字。
  • 3種大小筆峰:細毛刷(XO50F),中毛刷(XO050),大毛刷(XO100)
  • 墨水用完時,可更換墨盒(XOC100-010S,XOC050-010S)暫只有黑色墨 。
  • 中號毛刷,有朱紅色(XO050-070B)顏色,灰色(XO050-091B)顏色選擇。
  • 墨水是一種水性顏料墨水,具有防水性,並且在乾燥後不會褪色或滲色。
  • 日本製造,經過質量控制,以管理色彩的豐富性和微妙性
  • 認證:不含二甲苯,符合ASTM D 4236,通過ACMI安全認證,註冊AP標記。


KURETAKE BIMOJI COMBIO Brush pen 日本吳竹牌完美王墨水筆系列

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