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The series of Hand-forged in Seki Japan, these exquisite knives reflect skills honed over centuries of sword making.

All Holbein knives are made from one piece of steel, a most important specification in the creation of predictable balance and adequate strength for years of reliable use. The 12 degree neck angle will allow the artist to hold the knife normally without point contact with the canvas surface.
They are tempered for good bounce and flexibility. They will become more flexible and a bit thinner with use (and therefore a bit sharper as well). Unlike cheaper knives that will flake, rust, and chip with use, these knives will last and last if taken care of properly. A superb tool for the artist who appreciates the finest in art materials.

Series 1066 Knives are hand-forged stainless steel blades mounted in hardwood handles. ( black color handle)

Series 1066S are rust-proof stainless steel blades for use with oil color, water soluble oil color, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and poster color. ( natural wooden color handle)



#32: 60mm x 8mm

#33: 42mm x 13mm

#35: 65mm x 15mm

#37:67mm x 13mm

#39: 80mm x 16mm

#40:68mm x 17mm

#41: 52mm x 17mm



Holbein Painting Knives Stainless Steel 1066S 好品優質不銹鋼油畫刀

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