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DUO Painting Oil Medium:

enhances transparency and gloss finish while accelerating drying time. Aids in brush ability and flow. Great for detail. Use DUO Painting Oil Medium alone or with water. Adding water may produce a milky appearance which will become clear once dry.

Painting Oil Medium may become cloudy over time, performance will bot be affected. Store in a cool dark place.

Available in 55 & 200ml.


A nonflammable brush cleaning solution:

with no harsh smell for DUO, oil, water and acrylic brushes. When cleaning with traditional oil color brushes with DUO Brush Cleaner do not use brushes until completely dry. Store in a cool dark place.

Available in 200, 500 & 1,000ml.

Holbein Duo Aqua Oil Colour Medium 好品套裝水溶性油彩媒劑

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