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The manufacturing process in each of the preparation, mixing, grinding, adjustment and filling stages is monitored by reference to optimum quality standards. Throughout the production process, Holbein chemists ensure its quality standards by test inspection of pigment purity, color tone, applicability and adhesion, physical stability, light stability, thermo stability and anti-bacterial stability. The result is a World-Class artist quality oil color without equal.


We have 2 sets of Oil color to suit your needs :

H903 is a Deluxe Set of 20 colors combining 18 colors in 20ml tubes with a 50ml Permanent and Titanium White.

Set Contents:
Item #,      Color Name          /    Item #, Color Name
H022, Bright Red,                       H070, Viridian,

H140, Light Red                         H004, Rose Madder,

H080, Permanent Green Deep,   H145, Burnt Sienna
H018, Vermilion Hue,                   H111, Compose Blue,

H144, Burnt Umber                     H045, Permanent Yellow Deep,

H103, Cobalt Blue Deep,             H154, Ivory Black
H037, Lemon Yellow,                   H107, Ultramarine Light,

H415, Permanent White (50ml)    H035, Jaune Brillant No.2,

H173, Grey of Grey,                     H413, Titanium White (50ml)
H078, Permanent Green Pale,      H040, Yellow Ochre,,


H901 is a 32 Essential Colors Set combining 30 colors in 20ml tubes with 50ml Silver and Permanent White.

Set Contents:

Item #, Color Name             /        Item #, Color Name
H001, Crimson Lake,                     H070, Viridian,

H132, Cobalt Violet Light Hue        H004, Rose Madder,

H074, Emerald Green Nova,           H135, Mauve
H013, Chinese Red,                       H075, Terre Verte,

H140, Light Red                             H018, Vermilion Hue,

H078, Permanent Green Pale,        H143, Raw Sienna
H030, Naples Yellow,                      H080, Permanent Green Deep,

H144, Burnt Umber                         H035, Jaune Brillant No.2,

H102, Cobalt Blue Pale,                  H145, Burnt Sienna
H037, Lemon Yellow,                       H103, Cobalt Blue Deep,

H173, Grey of Grey                          H040, Yellow Ochre,

H105, Cerulean Blue,                       H154, Ivory Black
H044, Permanent Yellow Light,        H107, Ultramarine Light,

H411, Silver White (50ml)                 H045, Permanent Yellow Deep,

H108, Ultramarine Deep,                 H415, Permanent White (50ml)
H046, Permanent Orange,               H112, Prussian Blue,,

Holbein Artists' Oil Colour Set 好品套裝油彩套裝

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