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The Daler-Rowney Graduate Synthetic Brush Set is part of the Graduate range, designed (as the name implies) to particularly appeal to students, with good-quality basics at very economical prices.

  • They’re suitable for all types of painting, including acrylics and oils, but particularly watercolours.
  • These are resilient, durable brushes which give you excellent value for money.

Please note that these also include a mix of goat hair and synthetic fibers.


Set option:

  • 3 brushes set  : Round size 6,  Rigger size 2 and synthetic oval wash size 1/2"
  • 4 Brushes set :  Round size 4 ; Round size 10 ; Size 5/0 Round; Size 1/2 Flat Wash.


Daler-Rowney Graduate合成畫筆套裝,其設計(顧名思義)旨在以非常經濟的價格提供優質的基礎知識,特別吸引學生。

  • 它們適用於所有類型的繪畫,包括塑膠彩和油畫,尤其是水彩畫
  • 這些是彈性,耐用的刷子,可為您帶來超值的性價比。





  • 3筆套裝: 圓形6號,尖頭2號和 橢圓形前平頭1/2英寸
  • 4筆套裝:  4號圓形; 10號圓形;5/0號圓形;1/2平洗。



Graduate Brush Synthetic Watercolor Set Graduate 混合毛水彩畫筆套裝

SKU: C2061-GR212540009
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