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GOLDEN has developed a paint that helps artists create immersive fields of color without the distraction of texture and glare. The paint has a flowing consistency, offering exceptional coverage and a leveling capability as it dries. This unique combination of qualities can only be found in SoFlat Matte Acrylic Colors.

Artists have used gouache for centuries because of its matteness and opacity, but are restricted by its inherently sensitive paint film. SoFlat moves beyond these limitations, providing a velvety smooth, durable surface. The advantages of SoFlat are extended by its compatibility with other acrylic paints and mediums, increasing the range of creative effects that can be achieved.

Perhaps the most important quality of SoFlat is quality itself. Because it is produced using the same professional standards as all GOLDEN Acrylics, and is backed by our unrivaled service and support, you can depend on the performance and consistency of these professional artist colors.


When striving for that pure color effect, you need a paint that goes down evenly with full intensity in as few coats as possible. While some pigments are naturally transparent, SoFlat has a unique formulation that provides greater opacity from these colors than is normally found in acrylic paints.

Perhaps the most distinctive quality, and the one that might be most unique to SoFlat, is the paints natural leveling quality. The paint relaxes after being brushed out, making it easier to minimize the appearance of brushstrokes for uninterrupted fields of rich matte color.

Artists have always been drawn to the enigmatic quality of matte color, and SoFlat delivers with a glare-free surface that allows the depth and intensity of each color take center stage.


While SoFlat’s flowing consistency and excellent coverage make it ideal for painting large areas, it’s also great for detail work. For a uniform, matte finish the best results can be achieved with a soft synthetic flat brush over a smooth substrate. SoFlat can be brushed, spray applied, used in refillable markers and more


SoFlat is available in 40 colors, each offered in 2, 4 and 16oz. wide mouth jars. We also offer two six-color sets of 2 oz. jars.


Product options : Series 1-9

Seris 1 colors :             

- Pale Yellow
- Napthol Pink
- Yellow Oxide
- Mars Yellow Deep
- Red Oxide
- Burnt Sienna
- Burnt Umber
- Raw Umber
- Black
- Titanium White


Series 2

- Permanent Yellow
- Ultramarine Blue
- Cerulean Blue Hue
- Naples Yellow Deep
- Payne's Gray


Series 3

- Red Violet
- Blue Violet
- Dark Green

- Yellow Green


Series 4

- Phthalo Blue (G.S.)
- Turquoise
- Phthalo Green (B.S.)
- Permanent Green


Series 5

- Napthol Red Light
- Fluorescent Yellow
- Fluorescent Orange
- Fluorescent Red
- Fluorescent Pink
- Fluorescent Violet
- Fluorescent Green


Seris 6

- Permanent Yellow Deep
- Dioxazine Violet Deep


Series 7

- Cadmium Primrose
- Cadmium Yellow Medium
- Cobalt Teal

Series 8

- Cadmium Orange
- Pyrrole Red
- Cadmium Red Dark


Series 9

- Bismuth Vanadat Yellow
- Cadmium Red Light

Detail product specification, color code and volumn choice, please visit Golden official website :

Golden SoFlat Acrylic Colour 59ml-高登瓶裝丙稀顏色系 59毫升

  • Other volume with longer lead time,please contact us for price and delivery time.


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