GOLDEN Polymer Varnish with UVLS (Ultra Violet Light Stabilizers) is a water-based acrylic polymer varnish formulated to provide additional protection from ultraviolet radiation. This helps delay the inevitable fading that occurs in materials that may be fugitive in nature. It can be used by brushes or spray.


Polymer Varnish is designed as a topcoat for acrylic paints and offers a removable protective surface to the relatively soft acrylic paint layer. It has a harder film than most acrylic paints, which diminishes the susceptibility of the surface to dust and dirt, and provides increased protection from scratching, marring and moisture. It has adequate flexibility to withstand normal handling conditions, including loose rolling. Do not use for oil paintings. For interior use only. The product is not recommended for use on furniture or other surfaces subject to physical contact during use. 

Polymer Varnish remains soluble in alkaline solvents, such as ammonia. This means the varnish can be easily removed; taking with it any accumulated surface contamination without damaging the painting surface. The use of such a removable varnish provides a valuable tool to anyone trying to restore or clean a painting.

The different finishes can be intermixed, or used sequentially, to achieve the desired sheen. Note: Polymer Varnish (Satin) and (Matte) will lighten dark value colors, which is typical of non-gloss varnishes.

Health Labeled (HL) Product. Not for use by children. Recommended for interior use only. 


Polymer Varnish - Gloss with UVLS: Product #07710  :dries to a highly reflective finish.
Polymer Varnish - Satin with UVLS: Product #07715  :offers moderate reflection, similar to most matte varnishes.
Polymer Varnish - Matte with UVLS: Product #07720  :is exceptionally flat.


POLYMER VARNISHES MUST BE THINNED WITH WATER BEFORE USE. Start with 4 parts varnish to 1 part water for brush, 2 to 1 for spray. Adjust as needed. The varnishes are supplied thicker than meant for application in order to keep the matting solids in the Satin and Matte finishes from settling to the bottom. Thinning the varnishes beforehand will also minimize the risk of foam by allowing any bubbles to release before drying.


There are volume options : 236ml, 473 ml, 946ml, 3780ml. 



Golden Polymer Varnishes-高登塑膠彩光油

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