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The big difference of High Flow is viscosity. The high flow acrylics are very thin (almost like acrylic ink) and the fluid acrylics are a bit thicker. The high flow are handy with a liner brush for thin detail lines.

  • Pigments vs Dye-High Flow colors are made with pigments that are proven to last, while many other markers and inks use plant-based dyes that are known to fade.
  • Water-based– Some graffiti markers use hazardous solvents like xylene; High Flow is water-based, low odor, and cleans up easily with water.
  • Archival Integrity-High Flow Acrylics are proven to last for generations, which is important when your art moves from the street into the gallery.

This set with 10 bottles in  1 oz. (30 ml) of the following colors:

Transparent Dioxazine Purple, Transparent Benzimidazolone Yellow Med, Transparent Naphthol Red Light, Transparent Phthalo Blue GS, Transparent Phthalo Green BS, Transparent Quinacridone Red, Transparent Brown Iron Oxide, Transparent Red Iron Oxide, Transparent Shading Gray, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide


Detail product specification, please visit Golden offical website:

Golden High Flow Transparent.Col. Set 10col.x30ml.

SKU: C1014-954
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