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Equal the intensity of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics but with an even, flowing characteristic useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring, spraying (particularly when mixed with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium), staining techniques and many others.

Fluids allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining color intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, and adhesion. Fluids blend easily with all acrylic colors, and readily tint gels, mediums, gessoes and grounds.

The Fluid Acrylics are formulated similarly to Heavy Body Acrylics, the main difference being the viscosity or consistency at which the paints are finished. Hence, the pigment load or color strength of the Fluid Acrylics is comparable to the Heavy Body Acrylics.

Fluid Acrylics are extremely versatile, and ideal for fine brushwork, glazing, staining, water media techniques. Mix Fluid Acrylics with Airbrush Medium for airbrush application of artwork including textiles.

Because the Fluid Acrylics contain no flattening agents or opacifiers, our colors do vary in gloss, please check the color chart to pick your preference.


Volume : 118ml


Price List:

S.1 $130

S.2 $142

S.3 $155

S.4 $166

S.5 $197

S.6 $227


S.8 $274

S.9 $307


Detail product specification and color code, please Golden Website:

Golden Fluid Acrylic Color Series 1-9高登瓶裝流質丙稀顏色系列1至9

  • Other volume might have longer lead-time. Please contact us for price and delivery time.

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