Paint-a-Shape panels are the first products to be introduced under the Fredrix Jr. brand. Fredrix, a leading manufacturer of fine-quality artist materials, has a history of promoting the arts to kids around the globe.

  • Fine-quality
  • Two-sided canvas panels are die-cut into kids' favorite shapes, ready for decorating with paint, markers, glitter, and beads. Adorn walls, doors, refrigerators, and scrapbooks — or make stick puppets, ornaments, and more.
  • The Fredrix Jr. brand offers crafts products that inspire children to embrace the arts.
  • Panels are sold in packages of 3 panels. Each panel is approximately 6” (15 cm) in diameter.
  • There are different shapes for your selection. See our product options.


Paint-a-Shape面板是Fredrix Jr.品牌產品。 讓世界各地的兒童享用優質的美術材料。

  • 材料優質
  • 雙面帆布面板被模切成孩子喜歡的形狀,可以用油漆,標記,閃光和珠子裝飾。 裝飾牆壁,門,冰箱和剪貼簿-或製作木偶木偶,裝飾品等。
  • Fredrix Jr.品牌提供工藝品產品,激發孩子們對藝術的熱愛。
  • 面板以3個面板的包裝出售。 每個面板的直徑約為6英寸(15厘米)。
  • 您可以選擇不同的形狀。 請參閱我們的產品選項。

Fredrix Junior Different Shapes Canvas Panel 不同形狀綿質畫布板

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