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Escoda, the art of man craft making brushes since 1933 in Spain.

VERSÀTIL series 

The perfect synthetic alternative to the Kolinsky sable. Was designed with versatility as its main feature and really lives up to its name with exceptio- nal snap, superior absorption and fluid retention. It’s excellent for use with watercolour and oil /acrylic, allowing artists to create ne details as well as providing superior performance for coloring large areas and backgrounds. The feedback from artists has been extremely positive.



  • SYNTHETIC KOLINSKY ARTIST PAINTBRUSHES - Versatil artist paint brushes feature a unique blend of synthetic fibers that create the feel and performance of natural kolinsky hair. No animals were harmed to make the brush.
  • SHORT HANDLE ROUND TRAVEL PAINTBRUSHES - The handles fit exquisitely onto the brush body and are very comfortable in the hand.
  • TRIPLE CRIMP FERRULE - The patented triple crimp ferrule is unique to Escoda fine art paint brushes and helps ensure a lifetime of use
  • They hold water and paint well, and keep an amazing point even after years of hard use.
  • The brush fibers are responsive and maintain an excellent point. They hold a lot of paint and clean easily
  • HANDMADE IN SPAIN - Each watercolor paint brush is expertly crafted by artisan brush makers



Also availabe with WATERCOLOR TRAVEL BRUSH SET - There are 6 brushes and 3 brushes set.

The 6 fine artist paint brushes includes Versatil series 1548 Travel watercolor brushes in size 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and packaged in a beautiful genuine leather wallet


Escoda 自1933年以來一直在西班牙手工製作畫筆的藝術。





  • 具有獨特的合成纖維混合物,可創造出自然的Kolinsky黑貂毛髮的感覺和性能。避免動物受到傷害來製作刷子。
  • 短手柄圓形旅行刷-手柄與筆刷互相吻合,手感非常舒適。
  • 三重壓接墊圈-專利的三重壓接墊圈是Escoda所獨有的,有助於確保耐用
  • 它們具有良好的防水性和油漆性,即使經過多年的辛苦使用,也能保持驚人的效果。
  • 毛刷纖維反應靈敏,並保持優異的性能。容易清潔
  • 有不同的筆頭尺寸,讓您的筆觸樣式可以創建有趣的線,面變化或渲染效果。
  • 每支水彩畫筆均由西班牙的專業畫筆工匠手工製造。




有6支的畫家畫筆包括Versatil系列1548 Travel水彩筆 2號,4號,6號,8號,10號,12號,並包裝在一個精美的真皮錢包中


ESCODA watercolor brush-VERSÀTIL travel type 合成貂毛圓頭尖峰短桿旅行水彩筆系列

  • This series needs 7-10 working days for delivery.


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