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Escoda, the art of man craft making brushes since 1933 in Spain.

ARTESANA series 

Used mainly for watercolour, this soft hair is a dark color with a slight natural spring. Retains paint well with a fl exible stroke. Used in ceramics and porcelain decoration and is also valued in cosmetic brushes.


  • Flat straight edged brush for painting broad passages, washes, and for varnishing.
  • The long, tightly crimped pony hair gives it superb control, and a soft, fluid stroke.
  • Escoda specially cures each handcrafted brush to ensure resiliency and performance for years to come.
  • Has a matt-varnished wooden paintbrush-style handle, and a seamed nickel-plated ferrule.
  • With different tip sizes enable your stroke styles to create brushes style.
  • Each watercolor paintbrush is expertly crafted by artisan brush makers in Spain


Escoda 自1933年以來一直在西班牙手工製作畫筆的藝術。


這種柔軟的毛髮主要用於水彩,是深色的,帶有輕微的自然彈性。 有良好的儲水性而仍然保持柔韌性能做出不同的筆觸。用於陶瓷和瓷器裝飾塗筆,在化妝刷中也很有價值。
#2132:啞光筆身| 小馬毛| 平頭

  • 天然小馬毛,平直筆刷,用於塗刷較寬的面與線,或作大面積的濕畫法, 清洗和上光。
  • 長而緊緻的小馬毛使毛髮具有極佳的控制力,並具有柔軟流暢的筆觸。
  • Escoda專門對每種手工製筆刷進行強化,以確保其彈性和耐用性。
  • 帶有啞光的木製畫筆風格手柄和鍍鎳的筆封套。
  • 有不同的筆頭尺寸,讓您的筆觸樣式可以創建有趣的線,面變化或渲染效果。
  • 每支水彩畫筆均由西班牙的專業畫筆工匠手工製造。

ESCODA watercolor brush-Artesana Mottler Series 水彩筆Artesana平頭系列

  • This series needs 7-10 working days for delivery.


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