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Derwent’s waterbrushes have been developed for artists to paint ‘en plein air’.

  • Easy to control water flow with a non drip valve, these brushes are portable, leak proof and easy to clean.
  • The handy water holder and brush all in one. Great choice for traveling.
  • With 4 types of tip choice: Fine , Medium, Chisel and Large tip heads are easily distinguished by number, so you can grab the one you need to paint with.
  • The innovative Chisel tip gives firm, sharp fine lines or broad strokes when used side on.
  • Good accompany for those water soluable colours.
  • Buy these refillable brushes individually or in a great value multi pack of 3 (Fine,Med,Chisel) or 4 pieces set


Derwent的水彩儲水畫筆是為藝術家們開發的, 出外寫生的好選擇。

  • 使用無滴水閥易於控制水流,這些刷子便於攜帶,防漏且易於清潔。
  • 它提供了具彈性的纖維毛, 有4種類型的筆尖選擇:細,中, 鑿子和大 的筆尖可以通過數字輕鬆區分。
  • 鑿子的筆,側面使用時,鑿子形的筆頭可產生硬性筆觸,銳利的細紋或大筆觸。
  • 那些水溶性顏色的好伴侶。
  • 可以單支購買這些可重複填充的刷子,或以3件(細,中, 鑿子)或4件的超值組合套裝購買


Youtube video : Introduction of the Derwent Waterbrushes:/視頻:Derwent水彩儲水畫筆的介紹


Derwent Waterbrushes 水彩儲水畫筆及套裝

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