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Electric Sharpener

  • Compact size; High quality durable blades; sharpens both jumbo (9-12mm) and regular (6-8mm) pencils
  • Covered sharpener Holes for safety; broken tip remover; visible shavings reservoir with easily removed cover
  • Requires 4 x AA batteries( not supplied with product) ; alkaline batteries are recommended; do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Replacement sharpeners available separately (product Code 2302353)


Blades replacement

  • Replacement blades for the Derwent Twin Hole Battery Operated Sharpener (product code 2302332)
  • Contains 2 x small sharpeners for 6-8mm diameter pencils and 1 x large sharpener suitable for 9-12mm diameter pencils
  • High-quality durable blades can withstand hours of sharpening
  • A broken tip remover ensures any blockages are dealt with quickly
  • The visible reservoir captures the pencil shavings and these can be disposed of with the easily removed cover

Derwent Twin Holes Electric Sharpener 筆刨

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