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Derwent Graphik Linepainter, a fusion of fine lines and opaque paint make these unusual pens a must for illustrators, artists and designers. Available in 20 opaque and vibrant colours.

  • The nib size 0.5mm
  • The free-flowing water based paint whilst wet, is water-soluble, once dry the paint is permanent.
  • The highly pigmented, allowing for layers of contrasting colours, paint runs and splashes, fine lines and colour blending.
  • Colors:  Jungle, Graphite, Magic, Snow, Fox,Blood, Tickled, Rain, Billy, Fingers,Clockwork, Brilliant, High, Envy, Brickroad,Brickroad, Tom, Herring, Paradise, Minted
  • AP and ASTM certified
  • Product dimension :20.3 x 10.4 x 22.9 cm
  • Weight : 454 g

Derwent Graphik Linepainter 20 colors set DW 20色顏色繪圖筆套裝

SKU: C4073-2302234
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