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DANIEL SMITH is an artists' favorite brand all over the world


DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground:

A foundation of Watercolor Ground gives virtually any surface a new texture similar to cold-press watercolor paper.  You can achieve the same distinctive, transparent qualities of watercolor on wood, metal, ceramic, plastic, glass, stone, plaster and more.  This archival-quality ground can also be used to add texture or cover flaws and comes in six colors: 

  1. Titanium White,
  2. Buff Titanium,
  3. Mars Black,
  4. Iridescent Gold,
  5. Pearlescent White and
  6. Transparent.


DANIEL SMITH 是世界藝術家最喜愛的品牌



水彩底塗幾乎可以賦予任何表面一種類似冷壓水彩紙的紋理。  您可以在木材、金屬、陶瓷、塑料、玻璃、石材、石膏等材料上獲得透明的水彩畫效果。這種底塗也可用於添加紋理或遮蓋瑕疵,共有六種顏色:

  1. 鈦白
  2. 淺黃色鈦,
  3. 火星黑,
  4. 虹彩金,
  5. 珠光白和
  6. 透明


DANIEL SMITH Watercolor Ground 4oz (118ml) 丹尼爾史密夫水彩底塗系列

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