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Daniel Smith Walnut Ink

  • A finely pigmented, water-based ink made from walnut husks for drawing, painting and lettering.
  • The sepia tone  resembles traditional walnut-based inks, but will not fade.” 
  • “DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink is lightfast, non-acidic, transparent, and low staining.
  • It’s finely pigmented, sepia-colored, water-based ink made from walnut husks.
  • It’s great for all types of drawing styles and calligraphy, and works beautifully with a dip pen or brush.
  • With a brush, DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink handles like a transparent watercolor with good layering, and lifting capabilities in darker washes.



是一種由核桃殼製成的顏料精細的水性墨水,用於繪畫、繪畫和中西書法。 棕褐色調不易褪色,手感如同透明水彩,可以用蘸水筆或刷子精美地工作。 DANIEL SMITH Walnut Ink 像透明水彩一樣處理,具有良好的層次感,並且在深色洗滌中具有提升能力。

耐光、非酸性和低染色, 豐富的顏色類似於傳統的胡桃木墨水,但不會褪色。在用永久性黑色墨水繪製的草圖上時還增加了溫暖和歷史特徵。

Daniel Smith Walnut Ink 丹尼爾史密夫天然核桃墨汁

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