DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are a favorite of artists all over the world​, from professional artists to the beginning watercolorists because of the beautiful colors, consistent performance and lasting color or lightfastness.

DANIEL SMITH Watercolors are packed with high quality pigments using pure gum arabic as the binder – no fillers.​ For each color, DANIEL SMITH selects the perfect grind to yield particle sizes that maximize the qualities inherent in the pigment, balancing maximum pigment load with minimum vehicle content.

DANIEL SMITH Extra Fine Watercolors-A classic watercolor of unsurpassed purity and permanence. The vision in the formulation of a new line of watercolors was twofold;

* First and foremost, to produce watercolors that are the best in lightfastness and permanence.
* Second, to offer a selection of truly unique colors.”


DANIEL SMITH is proud to release a Master Artist Set of the 10 Extra Fine Watercolors that world respected artist Alvaro Castagnet loves the most. This unique 10 color set is your opportunity to experience the colors on Alvaro’s palette!


Included are 5ml tube each of 10 colors below :

  • Hansa Yellow Deep: With a touch of orange, this is a pure chroma color with high-tinting, semi-transparent organic pigments. is considered the ‘perfect yellow’, a fact which offers more control when mixing.
  • Mayan Orange: Hot and intense! Use it straight from the tube for a blazing red-orange. As you add water, the color remains strong and disperses very evenly.
  • Ultramarine Blue: Intense, pure and subtly granulating, it stands proudly alone pure blue without shading to any other color.
  • Cobalt Blue: Power with every drop. Cobalt Blue is a neutral, non-staining primary blue which subtly modifies most pigments. Considered a “mixing pigment”, its transparent nature can cast a giant reticulating shadow.
  • Viridian: This transparent non-staining pigment is an excellent glazing pigment. It’s a cool blue-green useful in mixing without staining other pigment particles and for soft edges.
  • Yellow Ochre: Is a stunning gold hue, bright and clean yet true to its earthy nature. It’s non-staining, can be lifted easily to create highlights and has a predicable soft granulation in washes – Alvaro.
  • Burnt Sienna Light: A beautiful, transparent hue. It is permanent, it has power and it breaks down Ultramarine Blue perfectly. Burnt Sienna Light is fabulous when you want to place cool colors on top. I use it when I am going into my darks where I drop it into Ultramarine Blue (included in the set) or Alizarin Crimson to create magnificent darks  -Alvaro.
  • Neutral Tint: I use Neutral Tint because it grays down any hue rapidly so I can go directly into my rich darks, while maintaining the original chroma. By itself, Neutral Tint is not special, but the moment it mixes with a neighboring hue you get a rich, more active, interesting color – Alvaro.
  • Deep Scarlet: Deep Scarlet is a powerful tint and is perfect for undercoats when painting cool gray shadows. I’ll put a wash of Deep Scarlet and then once it dries I drop cool washes on top so the shadows will glow! When mixed with Neutral Tint it gives me a very juicy color that allows me to go into my darks very quickly  – Alvaro.
  • Pyrrol Red: This fire engine red is cleaner than Cadmium or Permanent Red. It is a modern synthetic-organic pigment which, while close in value to its cousins the Perylenes, disperses more evenly and is less granular.




DANIEL SMITH水彩顏料使用純阿拉伯膠作為粘合劑以溶合高質量顏料-不加填料。每種顏色,DANIEL SMITH均選擇完美的研磨劑以產生可最大化顏料固有質量的粒徑,從而在最大負載量和最小負載量之間取得平衡車輛內容。

  • 此極細緻水彩系列,具有無與倫比的純度和持久性。 並以雙重的願景作基石:



這個系列是以世界著名藝術家阿爾瓦羅·卡斯塔涅特(Alvaro Castagnet)最喜歡的丹尼爾·史密斯10種特級水彩顏料色。它們讓您有機會體驗Alvaro調色板上的顏色!



  • Hansa Yellow Deep:帶有淡淡的橙色,這是一種純色度色,具有高著色力,半透明的有機顏料。被認為是“完美的黃色”,在混色時可以提供更多控制。
  • Mayan Orange:熱烈!直接從管中使用它,以產生熾熱的紅橙色。加水時,顏色仍然保持強烈的色調,並且分散得非常均勻。
  • 群青藍色(Ultramarine Blueb):強烈,純淨和微妙的顆粒狀,它自豪地屹立於純淨的藍色之中,含蓄地在其他顏色中顯出性格
  • 鈷藍(Coalt Blue):每滴都充滿力量。鈷藍是一種中性,不染色的原色,可微妙地修飾大多數顏料。被公認為“混合顏料”,它的透明性質可以廣泛地營造陰影。
  • Viridian:這種透明的不污染顏料是一種出色的上光顏料。它是一種涼爽的藍綠色,可用於混合而不會弄髒其他顏料顆粒,並且可柔化邊緣。
  • 土黃(Yellow Ochre):是一種令人驚嘆的金色色調,明亮而乾淨,但忠實於其泥土本性。它不沾污,可以輕鬆提起以形成亮點,並且在洗滌中具有可預測的柔軟顆粒狀-Alvaro。
  • Burnt Sienna Light:優美,透明的色調。它是永久性的,可以完美與Ultramarine Blue溶合。當您想加添冷色調時,“Burnt Sienna Light”是最好的選擇。Alvaro曾說, 我進入黑暗時會使用它,將其放入群青藍色(包含在套裝中)或Alizarin Crimson中以創建宏偉的黑暗-。
  • 中性色調(Neutral Tint):我它是因為它會迅速使任何色調變灰,因此我可以直接進入濃淡的深色中,同時保持原始色度。就其本身而言,中性色調並不特殊,但是當它與附近的色調混合時,您會獲得豐富,更活躍,有趣的顏色-Alvaro。
  • Deep Scarlet(深紅色):Deep Scarlet(深紅色)具有很強的色彩,非常適合在塗上冷灰色陰影時的底漆。我先洗一洗Deep Scarlet,等其晾乾後,再噴滴水在上面,這樣陰影就會發光了!與中性色調(Neutral Tint)混合使用時,它會給我一種非常潤澤的色彩,使我可以很快進入黑夜-Alvaro。
  • Pyrrol Red:此消防車紅色比鎘或永久紅色色感清潔。它是一種現代的合成有機顏料,雖然與Perylenes 接近,但其分散更均勻且顆粒較少。


Daniel Smith Alvaro Castagnet Watercolor 10 Colors Set 丹尼爾史密斯極細緻水彩系列10色套裝

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