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All of our gessos are archival, have an excellent lightfast rating, and are made with a high-grade acrylic emulsion that provides optimal flexibility and durability. They’re recommended as a painting ground for acrylics, oils and alkyds, plus it cleans up easily with soap and water.


Titanium White Gesso
Thick and heavily pigmented for excellent opaque coverage.


Transparent Gesso
Let the pattern of your substrate shine through while getting the same surface protection that white gesso provides. Highlight the grain of wood panels or the textures of canvas and other surfaces through your artwork.


Iridescent Gold Gesso
Its lustrous, metallic sheen comes from mica and iron oxides. Hints of radiant gold peek through your brushstrokes for a vibrant, luminous glow.

Daniel Smith ACRYLIC GESSO Daniel Smith塑膠底色

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