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The Langton Prestige Watercolour Paper is a superior-quality watercolour paper manufactured using 100% cotton. Made traditionally on a cylinder mould machine, the paper features a natural whiteness with a soft touch and distinctive texture, and is targeted at professional artists and advanced students.

  • 100% cotton and acid-free paper with an alkali reserve to protect against discolouration. Available in Hot Pressed, Cold Pressed and Rough textures.
  • Traditionally made on a cylinder mould machine.
  • 300gsm (140lb.). Available in pads, blocks, sheets and boards.
  • Ideal for the most demanding techniques.
  • Gelatinised surface for strength and resilience.
  • Made in England.
  • Wide range of sizes, weights and formats, from loose sheets, pads, blocks and spirals

All in 12 sheets , 300gsm

Code : LPBC-NOT ( Cold Pressed) BLOCK, 冷壓, 四面黏合

           LPBR-Rough BLOCK, 粗面,四面黏合

           LPPC-NOT ( Cold Pressed) PAD, 冷壓, 單面黏合

           LPPC-Rough PAD, 粗面,啤面黏合

Daler-Rowney Langton Prestige Water Colour book 領頓全棉水彩畫簿

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