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Daler-Rowney Heavy Weight Cartridge Paper Pad

This heavy-weight pad from Daler Rowney is made from more robust, sturdy paper than standard cartridge pads. Each page has a paper weight of 220gsm, making them very strong and durable.
Each paper is suitable for all dry techniques and pen and ink work, with the heavyweight papers also supporting light watercolour work.Pages can be easily and cleanly torn out to be used individually if desired.
- Surface texture: Cartridge paper
- Transparency: Opaque
- Acid free: Yes, making it very long-lasting and resistant to yellowing over time.
- Brand: Daler Rowney
- Page size: A2-A5, 4 sizes to suit your needs.
- Paper print: Plain
- Paper thickness: 220gsm
- Removable pages: Yes


Choice (選擇) : A2, A3, A4, A5

Daler-Rowney Heavy Cartridge Pad 25's x 220gsm 厚白繪畫紙簿

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