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Artists’ oil colours are made by dispersing pigments in an oil medium to create a smooth, slow-drying paint. The choice of oil mediums from the wide variety available depends on the surface and the finish required, and the working properties preferred during painting. Oils diluents, mediums, varnishes complement perfectly the Georgian and other Daler-Rowney oil colours. Made in England.

Oil diluents.

Turpentine and low-odour thinner which dilute oil colour to create thin, quick-drying washes in the early stages of painting and can also be used to clean brushes.

Directions: Mix with oil paints until desired consistency. Also used directly to clean brushes and palettes.

  • With different volume: 75ml , 175 ml, 300 ml , 500ml

Daler-Rowney Georgian Oil Diluents 威美油畫松節水和低味調稀劑

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