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【Da Vinci】 - Quality Brush manufacturer in Germany

Wide range - made in Germany - includes cosmetic brushes, artist brushes, hobby and school brushes, nail brushes and dental brushes. da Vinci uses highest quality materials, traditional craft and the most up-to-date production processes to ensure perfect quality standards for the brand's entire assortment. WE ARE THE "SPECIALIST FOR THE SPECIALIST".


Casaneo - Features a new "wavy" fiber developed by da Vinci that allows for high colour absorption and a soft feel while still coming to a perfect point or edge.


Series-CASANEO water colour brush 

  • made from extra soft synthetic fibres with an extraordinary elasticity and an extremely high colour absorbing capacity
  • so-called silver ferrule
  • short black polished esagonal handles
  • for watercolour, reverse glass and silk painting, design, graphic and retouching
  • extraordinary elasticity and extremely high colour absorption capacity
  • particularly suitable for watercolour and fluid acrylic colour
  • Very similar in characteristics to natural squirrel hair
  • Dur@Plus technique the mottlers are especially long-lasting
  •  No hair loss
  • Made in Germany


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【Da Vinci】-德國製造

產品範圍廣泛 - 德國製造 - 包括化妝刷、藝術家畫筆、愛好者和學校用畫筆、指甲刷和牙刷, 可見其專業於不同領域的毛刷。 達芬奇採用最優質的材料、傳統工藝和最先進的生產流程,以確保品牌整個產品系列達到完美的質量標準。 他們是“為專家服務的專家”。


Casaneo 系列

合成纖維系列水彩畫筆 - 採用由 da Vinci 開發的新「波浪」纖維,具有極高的水色吸收能力和柔軟的觸感,同時仍能做到完美的點或邊緣效果。



  •  非常適合水彩畫和流體丙烯畫
  •  與天然松鼠毛的特性非常相似
  •  高顏色吸收能力和完美的顏色劑量
  •  由於採用了Dur@Plus之Mottlers技術,持久耐用。
  •  不脫髮
  • 德國製造



da Vinci Casaneo Synthetic Watercolor Pocket Brush da Vinci合成纖維系列水彩畫旅行筆


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