CRETACOLOR, as the only Austrian manufacturer of arts supplies, is able to work with centuries of experience and tradition and stands for high quality products. The brand manages to win over beginners as well as professional artists from all over the world, by combining products with extensive know-how and are especially known for its intense colors, a rich and soft upstroke as well as excellent lightfastness ratings.


Art Sticks extra wide 8pcs set

  • This set contains different types of sticks with their own charasteristics turn into different excellent drawing effects.
  • Whether you prefer working with Sepia, Sanguine or Nero, these extra-wide artists’ sticks guarantee a top quality, intensely rich stroke thanks to their high degree of pigmentation.
  • Oil and NERO types, your hands are being stained like the normal Charcoal sticks.
  • They are extremely well suited not only for sketching and drawing but also for experimenting with new techniques and for large-format work.
  • Really  beautiful effects can be achieved by mixing and smudging with different products. Using different grades of paper will also give excellent results.
  • Retangle shape enable you to draw with differnt strokes from its 3 different outlines and the corner for a point form.
  • Conforms to ASTM4236 and AP, Non-toxic, Eco Energy
  • Made in Austria


Set contains :

  1. Nero Sticks extrasoft ( NERO 1 or 404 01): Produces a very shiny, smudge-proof black stroke. It shape lends itself to large-area drawing. It is oil-based and, therefore water-resistant.
  2. Nero Sticks soft ( NERO 2 or 404 02) : Is Sketching Charcoal Sticks: Weither sketching, outlining or combining with pastels, there are no limit when using Sketching Charcoal Sticks. Achieve amazing effects by smudging the strokes or by dissolving Charcoal shavings in water.
  3. Nero Sticks medium ( NERO 3 or 404 03): Like 404 01.
  4. Sanguine Sticks dry (404 21): A traditional medium for sketching and drawing. It produces a dry, blendable red/brown terracotta color. Recommended espeically for combining with Pastels and Charcoal.
  5. Sanguine Sticks oil (404 20): Produces a shiny, smudge-proof stroke. Its waxy components make it water-resistant.
  6. Sepia Sticks dark + dry (404 33): Lend themselves very well for combining with Pastels and Charcoal. 
  7. Sepia Sticks light + dry (404 32): Like 404 33.
  8. White Pastel Sticks, soft + dry (404 51) : Excellent for combining with Charcoal, Sanguine and Sepia, and for lightening color tones.

Remark :  all products are available individually.



Demonstration of the Charcoal product , please click below link :




Art Sticks超寬色粉棒8支套裝


  • 這些超寬藝術家的色棒均具有高度的色素沉著性,可確保提供頂級質量,濃郁的筆觸。
  • 油性和NERO類型的色棒,不像普通的木炭棒容易弄髒手。
  • 它們不僅非常適合素描和繪圖,而且非常適合嘗試新技術和進行大幅面工作。
  • 通過將不同產品混合併塗抹,可以達到美麗效果。使用不同等級的紙張也將獲得出色的效果。
  • 矩形的外形提供了千變萬化的筆觸。它的3個面提供了不同的線, 面輪廓, 每個拐角又是以點畫的另一畫法。
  • 符合ASTM4236, AP,無毒,生態能源
  • 奧地利製造



  1. Nero Sticks Extrasoft(NERO 1或404 01):有光澤,不易被刷開的黑色筆觸。適合大面積繪製。它是油性,因此是防水的。
  2. Nero Sticks軟筆(NERO 2或404 02):素描,勾畫輪廓或與粉彩結合使用,通過塗抹筆觸或將碎屑溶解在水中來達到驚人的水畫效果。
  3. Nero Sticks中號(NERO 3或404 03):類似於404 01。
  4. Sanguine乾燥棍棒(404 21):一種用於素描和繪圖的傳統媒介。它產生乾燥的筆觸,可混合的棕褐色造出兵馬俑顏色。特別推薦與粉彩和木炭結合使用。
  5. Sanguine 油性棒(404 20):帶光澤,不易被刷開的黑色筆觸。其蠟質成分使其具有防水性。
  6. 棕褐色深色+乾燥棒(404 33):非常適合與粉彩和木炭混合使用。
  7. 棕褐色棒淡色+乾燥棒(404 32):如404 33。
  8. 白色柔和乾的粉彩棒(404 51):與木炭,Sanguine或棕褐色相結合,可減輕色調,造出光影效果。






Cretacolor Charcoal Art Sticks Large 8pcs Set 色粉棒8支套裝

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