CRETACOLOR, as the only Austrian manufacturer of arts supplies, is able to work with centuries of experience and tradition and stands for high quality products. The brand manages to win over beginners as well as professional artists from all over the world, by combining products with extensive know-how and are especially known for its intense colors, a rich and soft upstroke as well as excellent lightfastness ratings.


Sketching Charcoal Sticks Set

Size: 7 x 14 mm, lenght 72 mm
Content: 6 pcs. in cardboard box



  • Whether sketching, outlining or combining with pastels, there are no limits when using Sketching Charcoal.
  • Achieve amazing effects by smudging the strokes or by dissolving Charcoal shavings in water.
  • Its special feature watersoluble,can use them on a damp surface and release lots of colour really quickly and build up layers.
  • Retangle shape enable you to draw with differnt strokes from its 3 different outlines and the corner for a point form.
  • Conforms to ASTM4236, Non-toxic, Eco Energy
  • Made in Austria
  • Hardness : Soft



Demonstration of the Charcoal product , please click below link :




素描炭捧套裝: 6支: 407 02 炭捧( 尺寸:7 x 14毫米,長度72毫米)

  • 無論是素描,勾畫輪廓或與粉彩結合使用這素描炭都沒有限制。
  • 通過塗抹筆觸或將碎屑屑溶解在水中來達到奇妙的效果。它的一個特徵可以在潮濕的表面上使用,並能迅速釋放出不同層次的色階並形成層狀。
  • 硬度:軟筆
  • 矩形的外形提供了千變萬化的筆觸。它的3個面提供了不同的線, 面輪廓, 每個拐角又是以點畫的另一畫法。
  • 符合ASTM4236,無毒,生態能源
  • 奧地利製造 



Cretacolor Sketching Charcoal Sticks 6pcs Set 粗素描炭棒6支裝

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