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Let your artistic flair fly without worrying about making a mess. This Crayola Washable Paint will ensure you don't ruin clothes or furniture when you or your children get creative.


BRIGHT, EXCITING COLORS: These quality paints are bright and bold enough to ensure everything you paint jumps off the page. Mix colors to create shades perfect for any artistic idea. These paints can be combined with crayons and other art products for exciting and daring projects.


ULTIMATE CONVENIENCE: This super-size bottle of Crayola Washable Paint will keep you supplied long-term so you're always ready when inspiration strikes.


PACKAGE CONTENTS:  16oz ( 473ml) or 1 Gal ( 3786ml) 


Color Choice : Red, Blue, Black, Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown, Peach, Turquoise, Purple, Magenta and White.


Recommended for ages 3 years and up

Crayola Washable Paint 千色樂可水洗清顏色

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