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Endearing Pip-Squeaks Markers are small in size, but BIG in color! The easy-to-hold short barrels are scaled to match little hands and the ink is our special washable formula!



  • EASY DRAWING, EASY STORAGE:There's almost any color you can think of in this Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower. Easy to collapse down to one layer for storage, the marker tower rises into 3 layers when it's time to play, making it a snap to find the perfect color.
  • SMALL BUT MIGHT MARKERS:They're made small for kids hands, but these Pip-Squeak markers offer plenty of bold color. The markers are non-toxic to give parents peace of mind, and they wash off skin easily with soap and water.


PACKAGE CONTENTS:Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower with 50 washable markers.


MEASUREMENTS:The tower measures 6.375" long, 6.25" wide and 4" high.


Recommendedfor ages 5 years and up/ 推薦給 5 歲及以上

CHOKING HAZARD Small Parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.


可愛的 Pip-Squeaks 麥克筆體積小,但顏色量大! 易於握持的短桶以匹配小朋友手,墨水是我們特殊的可水洗配方!


  • 易於繪圖
  • 易於存儲:在這款 Pip-Squeaks 伸縮式標記塔中,您幾乎可以想到任何顏色。 易於折疊為一層以進行存儲,當需要玩耍時,標記塔會上升為 3 層,讓您輕鬆找到完美的顏色。
  • 它們為孩子們的手而設計:馬克筆為孩子們提供了對有趣的著色世界的良好介紹。良好的清潔樂趣
  • Pip-Squeaks 記號筆專為兒童設計,因此無毒且使用起來很有趣。 媽媽們會喜歡這樣一個事實,即顏色可以從皮膚上洗掉,並且可以從大多數兒童服裝面料上輕鬆清洗。


包裝內容:Pip-Squeaks 伸縮式記號筆塔,帶有 50 個可水洗記號筆。


尺寸:該塔長 6.375 英寸,寬 6.25 英寸,高 4 英寸。




Crayola Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower 50 Count 千色樂輕言型麥克筆 50支裝

SKU: CC58-8750
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