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Copic Sketch is the most popular among all the Copic markers. It comes in the widest range of colors, and features different types of nib combination. Ideal for illustration, craft and caricature.

Copic Markers are designed to last for years (or decades!) because they’re refillable, and you can replace the nibs when they become worn.


  • Vibrant, Smooth Colour: Copic ink applies smoothly and is easy to blend. The alcohol based ink dries acid free and does not destroy paper fibres the way water based inks do. Also, the open time on uncoated papers is limitless, so you can go back and re-wet the ink years later!
  • Permanent & Non-Toxic: Copic markers are free of harmful chemicals and overwhelming odours, making them much more enjoyable to use than other brands.
  • Refillable: Once you purchase a marker, it is yours for life. By simply refilling the marker and replacing damaged nibs, your marker will last a lifetime. Some artists have been using the same markers for up to 25 years.
  • Also “Copic Sketch Empty Marker” allows you to mix the colors or expand your collection with by using Various Ink to fill them up to 358 Colors.
  • 3 Nib choices :  Medium Broad nib on one end and a Super Brush nib on the other. The Medium Broad tip is a firm, angled chisel that can be used to make calligraphic strokes. The Super Brush tip is a little more flexible, and feels almost like a paint brush. Sketch marker can fit an additional nib that is sold separately. The Medium Round tip is more similar to the Super Brush, albeit with a rounded tip rather than a pointed one.


Set Choice :

1) Copic Sketch 12 Color Set: This set includes basic and primary colors. For coloring the portrait or characters of manga

A= Basic Set

B= Warm Gray

C= Cool Gray

2) Copic Sketch 24 Color Set: This set will bring a dramatic diversity in your artwork, specially portrait or manga.

3) Copic Sketch 36 Color Set: Includes the basic colors commonly-used in the field of design. If you want to color the portrait or characters of manga, you will need to get some skin tone colors additionally.

4) Copic Sketch 72 Color

  • Set A: Includes the basic colors commonly-used in the field of design. These vivid colors have broad utility – Most of all, this set is ideal for use in illustration.
  • Set B: A well-balanced set from every color family. Very useful for coloring the portraits or manga characters since this set includes a variety of “earth colors”.
  • Set C: Contains a rich selection of gray. With a combination of Copic Sketch 72 Color Set A, B and C can cover the full lineup (214 colors) of Copic Classic.
  • Set D: This set includes a variety of natural/muddy colors commonly-used in illustration. Using light colors from the 000 blending group will extend your range of expression.
  • Set E: A perfect set for color illustration. Contains a broad range of 000 light colors, wine-colors and natural colors. Highly recommended for crafters too.


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COPIC Sketch Marker Set 日本 Copic 顏色麥克筆套裝

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