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These tools are handmade of fine-quality boxwood, then hand polished to a beautiful finish.


Use them for fine shaping and finishing work, on and off the wheel. They're great for professional or student use.


Set of 10-- 6'' - Each tool is approximately 6'' long with different shape to fit your modeling need.

Or you can buy each individual. When purchase, you need to indicate the individual model no.



使用它們可以在工作枱上或轉輪進行精細的成型和精加工。 它們非常適合專業或學生使用。


一套10件 6吋裝: -每個工具長約6'',形狀各異,可滿足您的建模需求。

亦可單件購買. 購買時,您需要註明單個型號。

    Pottery Boxwood Modelling Tools 陶瓷工具--雕塑用木泥批

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