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BAOHONG is the leading paper brand made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and rivals traditional European papers.


Baohong Wood Pulp Professional Watercolor Paper

Excellent for Artist and  students.  

【MATERIAL】High quality Wood Pulp, paper texture is smooth and strong, even scratched times still can hold the paper texture in good condition. 


  • Fit for Urban Sketching in watercolour and lifting techniques
  • Easy for washing effect.
  • Can simulate Chinese Ink Painting by the colors watering effect on the paper surface. 

【ACID-FREE】Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving artwork for long periods and ensures the longevity of your artwork, perfect for the artists who are looking for the ultimate in permanence.

【CONTENT】One Pack with 10 sheets of 1,2,  4K version and 20 sheets for 8K version.



BAOHONG (寶虹)是畫紙中的新俊領先品牌


【材質】優質木漿,紙紋光滑結實,即使被刷畫多次也能保持紙紋完好,有不同 厚度供您選擇。


  • 適合速寫水彩畫和提陞技術
  • 良好水洗效果
  • 可以通過紙張表面的顏色澆水效果來模擬中國水墨畫。


【包裝】1, 2, 4K版一包10張,8K版20張。

BAOHONG Wood Pulp Professional Watercolor paper 寶虹木漿專業水彩畫紙 (袋裝)

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