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BAOHONG is the leading paper brand made in China, the paper undergoes sophisticated testing and rivals traditional European papers.


Baohong Academy Watercolor 100% 300g sketchbook

    Painting surface that is both receptive to delicate watercolours and lifting techniques, and resistant to pilling. Excellent for beginners sketchers and professional , colours appear crisp and are easy to control on the surface. 

    【MATERIAL】Made from long, 100% COTTON fibers, allowing it to absorb water without warping or causing the colors to bleed.

    【ACID-FREE】Acid-free paper addresses the problem of preserving artwork for long periods and ensures the longevity of your artwork, perfect for the artists who are looking for the ultimate in permanence.

    【TEXTURE】Available in Fine and Medium.

    ( Hot-Pressed) Fine provides smooth surface, suitable for portraits.

    ( Cold-Pressed) Medium and Rough has a texture surface but provide strong scrub resistant, allowing for a variety of watercolor techniques.

    【CONTENT】One pad with 24 sheets of 140lb/300gsm watercolor paper, with PU cover and rubber ring which enable a tidily looks elegrant.

    【Painting technique】Supplies for Wet, Dry, and Mixed Media Painting.

    【Option】3 sizes: 9 x 14Cm, 12x16cm, 16x24cm



    BAOHONG (寶虹)是水彩紙中的新俊領先品牌,學院級水彩畫本



    【材質】由 100% 純棉長纖維製成,可吸收大量水分而不會變形或導致顏色滲色。


    【質地】有細、中、二種。 細紋(熱壓)提供光滑的表面,適合人像畫。


    【內容】一本24張140lb/300gsm水彩紙,仿真皮封面配有橡筋圈, 外形整齊而優雅。

    【繪畫技法】乾,濕,混合其他繪畫顏料均可。適用於既能接受精緻的水彩畫和提陞技術,又能抗起球的繪畫表面。 非常適合寫生人仕,顏色在表面上顯得清晰且易於控制。

    【尺寸選擇】 9 x 14Cm, 12x16cm, 16x24cm

    BAOHONG Academy 100% cotton 300g Watercolour Sketchbook 寶虹純棉300g水彩寫生畫薄

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