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ARCHES ® Aquarelle watercolor paper made with a cylindrical mold has a harmonious natural texture. This process distributes the fibers evenly and absorbs and penetrates more evenly when wetted.

The 100% long cotton fiber material gives the paper a beautiful appearance, natural and long-lasting whiteness and excellent feel, and guarantees the durability of the paper.

Natural gelatin applied internally can prevent the pigment from penetrating into the inner layer of the paper, thereby retaining the brightness and transparency of the color; it can also be multi-layer rendering to enhance the durability during smearing and scratching, ensuring that no tearing or fluffing occurs. In addition, whether it is wet painting or dry painting, the paint can be removed to easily restore the original whiteness of the paper. ARCHES ® watercolor paper has good water absorption and is not easily deformed.


  • Ingredients: 100% cotton-round mesh manufacturing-the only paper mill in the world that  uses natural gelatin applied internally
  • Basis weight: 300 g / m²
  • Texture: Cold Pressed (N) ,Hot Pressed( HP), Rough (R)
  • Grain TorchonColor: Natural
  • Edge (block): 4 sides seal side
  • Storage: Contains weakly alkaline substances, does not contain acidic substances or optical brighteners (always conforms to ISO9706), and is sterilized to prevent mold
  • Use: Suitable for watercolor painting and all wet painting techniques such as ink, gouache and acrylic



100 %長棉纖维原料賦予纸張漂亮的外觀、自然和持久的潔白度及出色的手感,並保証了纸張的耐用性。

  • 成分:100%棉 – 圓網制造 – 内部施天然明膠
  • 基重:185、300、356、640和850克/平方米
  • 質地:纹理細膩、纹理絲滑和粗布纹
  • 顏色:天然色
  • 邊緣:4邊封彤
  • 保存: 含有弱鹼性物質,不含酸性物質或螢光增白劑(符合ISO9706的規定),進行的除菌處理,防發霉
  • 使用:適用于水彩畫以及所有如水墨、水粉和丙稀彩等濕畫技術


Choice (選擇) : 300 gsm all in 20 sheets ( 20張)

3.9"X9.8" (10x25cm)

5.9"x11.8" (15x30cm)


9"x12"( 23x31cm)

12"x16" ( 31x41cm)

Arches Aquarelle Watercolor Papers-Blocks 全綿水彩畫薄

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