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施先生是台灣高雄一位業餘代針筆畫家, 小時候從雜誌上看到曾景文畫家畫的水彩畫而喜愛上繪畫, 進而忠情繪畫建築物。


近年更以代針筆+ 水彩的方法, 將所見所聞以速寫繪錄出來, 希望經由這些畫, 讓更多人從不同的角度去欣賞建築物的美.


作為代針筆針畫導師, 施先生對培育藝術不遺餘力, 定期參與志願團體的義教,


希望透過他的一系列作品, 帶你遊走在世界不同的建築物。他更把部分他的作品收錄成2021年月曆, 有興趣訂購, 可與他直接聯繫。或電郵給我們。


When he was a child, he saw watercolors artworks by Artist Zeng Jingwen from a magazine and started to fall in love with painting.


In recent years, he is practicing the use of fineliner and watercolor to sketch out what he has seen and heard.  He hopes that through these paintings, more people can appreciate the beauty of buildings from different perspectives.  As a Pen & Ink painting instructor, Mr. Shih spend all his effort in nurturing art and regularly participates in volunteer teaching by volunteer groups.  


Hope that through his series of sketching works, you will visualize featured buildings from around the world.  He has included some of his works as a 2021 calendar. If you are interested in ordering, you can contact him or us.


Jackie Shih-Urban Sketcher