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"Taste of Life"

30/1 Exhibition Venue Announcement

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Following the success of the first exhibition, "Joy in Art Watercolor Open Exhibition 2024" aims to involve more watercolor enthusiasts. In addition to the open category, we have also introduced a student category to encourage young aspiring watercolor artists to participate. We believe that the theme of this exhibition - "Taste of Life" will make it even more captivating.

The exhibition will feature over 100 artworks from Local, Mainland, and international renowned watercolor artists, as well as watercolor enthusiasts. Our goal is to resonate every visitor with the artworks and discover the intersection of art and life.

Topics for creation:「Taste of Life

Watercolor, with its ever-changing colors and flowing brushstrokes, is like the interweaving of all kinds of things in life, brewing different people, emotions, and charms. In this diverse global village, we find ourselves immersed in a blend of vibrant and gentle hues, living amidst the interplay of sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness that the brushstrokes bring, let us experience various flavours of life.

This year, we invite participants to unleash their boundless creativity and passion with their watercolor brushes, conveying their thoughts and emotions onto the painting, and showcasing their love for art and their pursuit of beauty in life.

Through this watercolor exhibition, we aim to gather different cultures and perspectives, fostering harmony and mutual encouragement. It is an opportunity to offer viewers a more enriching and unique taste of life.


- Open Group (18 years old and above.)

- Student Group (Holder of a valid full-time student ID card from Hong Kong or Macau)

Judging Panel:

A Judging panel composed of Hong Kong, Mainland and International Watercolour Masters.

(Names not listed in order)

(Gifts for Judges and Invited Exhibtors)

Open Group
(Names not listed in order)

Adwin Yau
Hong Kong