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Joy in Art sponsor 贊助 - End of 2022 Urban Sketching 終極大速寫
為支持是次活動, Joy in Art 將贊助每位報名參加者 [速寫福袋] 一份,當中包括:

To support the event, Joy in Art is sponsoring a gift bag for every participant, gift bag includes:

  1. Daniel Smith 水彩棒1支/ Watercolor Sticker 1pc,

  2. 寶虹套裝: 300gsm純棉水彩紙幼,中紋各一張 + 230 gsm素描紙 一張/ BAOHONG 300gsm 100% cotton watercolour papers hot press, cold press + 230gsm sketch paper each type 1 sheet

  3. Joy In Art現金優惠券/Joy In Art cash coupons x 2,

  4. Joy In Art 環保購物袋1 個/  Shopping Bag 1pc.


請點擊以下Google form 連結登記領取[速寫福袋]

Please click below Google form link to register for the gift bag

  • 必須登記才可在當日領取[速寫福袋] registration is required for collection of gift bag.

  • 名額有限,每位參加者只可以領取一個 Limited stock, each participant only entitles to one gift bag.

  • [速寫福袋] 將分別於上午集合及下午集合時間派發,登記時請選擇領取時間 Gift bags will be distributed during the morning and afternoon gathering sessions, please choose your collection time in the registration form.

速寫福袋] 禮品介紹 Gift bag items introduction:

  • BAOHONG 300gsm水彩畫紙 (特點) - 100% 純棉 - 乾、濕、混合其他繪畫顏料均可。 - 適用於一般水彩畫或更高層次要求和提陞技術,又能抗起球的繪畫表面。 - 顏色在表面上顯得清晰且易於控制,非常適合水彩學習者。BAOHONG 300gsm 100% cotton watercolor paper can absorb a lot of water without deforming or causing color bleeding. It is not easy to leave water marks, enable smooth and perfect color mixing. The strong water absorption provides you washing without causing cotton lint. High color retention after dry. 

  • Daniel Smith水彩棒 (特點) - 5種使用方法,攜帶方便,將繪畫、素描、塗鴉和標記功能結合在一支棒上,特別適合於水彩速寫。 - 一共有62款顏色選擇,不同系列, 同一價錢! - 每根水彩棒相當於三整個全磚顏料,勝價比極高! - 使用純阿拉伯膠作為粘合劑以溶合高質量顏料,不加填料。 - 極細緻水彩系列,具有無與倫比的純度和持久性。 - 包含部分PrimaTek、Luminescent水彩系列,讓您的作品有一種神奇的動感和獲得更多變化

The power of pure pigment is at your fingertips with portable, versatile watercolor sticks. Painting, drawing, scribbling and mark-making come together for maximum creative expression. Each stick is the equivalent of three full pans of paint, making it a fantastic value. Color choice : 62 colors, All series in same price, great choice for you !!!

活動時間及地點 Event details: 18-12-2022 (星期日 Sunday)

  • 上午場10:00

    • 集合地點 : 南昌街休閑處 (南昌街和長沙灣道交界/深水埗地鐵站A1出口) Morning session gathering: Nam Cheong Street sitting-out area (near SSP MTR Exit A1)

  • 下午14:00

    • 場集合地點 :南山邨牌坊

Afternoon session gathering: Nam Sham Estate

      期待見到大家! See you there!! 🤗🤗🤗

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