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Brand History

  • The brand CRETACOLOR by Brevillier Urban & Sachs combines the ambition of two individualists: Carl Brevillierand Hans Wolfgang Hromatka.

  • 1863 the industrialist Carl Brevillier founded the Zeus graphite pencil factory,  which opened writing and drawing to a large audience. The wealth to do this  came from industrial production of screws and rail cars. But the true passion of Carl Brevillier was the arts. Because writing supplies such as feathers or graphite pencils were – back in the days – mostly handmade, of poor quality and at the  same time very expensive, his goal was to produce high quality tools for people who wanted to write or draw. This resulted in a lot of people being able to get inspired by art who couldn’t afford the necessary tools until then. This was the first important step towards the evolution of the modern Brevillier pencil.

  • After that, CRETACOLOR grew to become a premium brand in high quality art material all around the world. In 2008 through the acquisition of Brevillier-Urban, the company holding the legacy of Carl Brevilliers pencil factory, Hans Wolfgang Hromatka obtained the know-how to make art materials even more efficiently. At his request, the name of Brevillier was added to the CRETACOLOR logo and through that, the company Brevillier Urban & Sachs was born.

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Charcoal products

Graphite, Monolith & Charcoal


For generations CRETACOLOR Graphite Pencils have earned an outstanding

reputation for quality. The casing guarantees the highest strength. Our

range of 20 hardness/softness grades from 9B (softest) to 9H (hardest)

covers the full range of fine art, illustration and graphic applications.

For those looking for exclusive sketching and writing design we have the

perfect tool: Monolith Graphite! This woodless pencil is pure graphite with

only a thin lacquer covering. Artists are thrilled by the broad and fine

strokes that can easily be achieved with only one pencil. Six different

grades (HB to 9B) satisfy the broad spectrum of graphite application,

and each degree is easily sharpened. In our Monolith line

you will find several combinations – ideal as gifts!

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Color products

  • Artists’ Pencils

  • Chunkys & Powders

  • Hard Pastels

  • Pastel Pencils

  • Classic Colored Pencils (Karmina)

  • Aquarell Pencils (Marino)

  • Woodless Aquarelle Pencils (Aqua Monolith)

  • Water-soluble Blocks of Color (Aqua Brique)

  • Water-soluble Oil Pastel Stics (Aqua Stic)