Draw your own X'mas charm with our selected items and enjoy 10% discount !
​聖誕節同歡, 送你10% 折扣 !

聖誕節共賞折扣--所列產品均有10% 折扣

疫情中更讓你與家人走得更近, 讓我們與你將愛意普天同慶 ! 現在特選了下些產品讓你可以自製獨一無二的聖誕禮物,將祝福送給你愛的人.


1.日本吳竹牌水彩毛筆套裝: 可以是麥克筆, 亦以水混合產生繪畫水彩效果。更可用水使其模糊與真實的筆觸互動以產生不同情度的混色。是創作聖誕卡的好幫手.

2.Nerchau 色畫布顏色筆:  把聖誕畫在衣服, 鞋上. 水性的, 隨時可用。

3.Nerchau 色畫布顏色: 34種單色, 可以相互混合, 帶著你的聖誕在身. 淺色布合用.

4.日本16色陶瓷筆: 只需在瓷器和玻璃上畫畫,然後在家用烤箱中烤製,任何人都可輕鬆製作出屬於自己唯一的瓷器

5.Fredrix 不同形狀綿質畫布板: 雙面帆布面板被模切成孩子喜歡的形狀,可以用油漆,麥克筆,閃光和珠子自製獨有的聖誕裝飾。為牆壁,門,冰箱增添氣氛。

6.Rowney FW 液體丙稀墨水: 可以直接從滴管中使用,色彩鮮艶可以稀釋以獲得最細微的色調,特性與水彩非常相似乾燥後耐水。 可在不同物料上作聖誕裝飾

Christmas discounts and rewards

all the listed products with a 10% discount

Christmas in epidemic can only bring you closer to your family and loved ones, let us celebrate the Joy from your blessing to the world!

We have selected these special products to let you create your unique Christmas gifts; cards and send blessings to your loved ones.


  1. ZIG Clean Color Real Brush set: It can be a marker, it can also be mixed with water to produce watercolour effect. They can be used water to blur the color and interact with the real brushstrokes to produce different colors effects. It is a good helper in creating Christmas cards.

  2. Lukas-Nerchau Textile Art Pen Set : Draw Christmas on clothes and shoes. Water-based, ready to use.

  3. Lukas-Nerchau Textile Art Paint : 34 kinds of colours, can be mixed with each other for different colour tones, Wear your Christmas wherever you like. Suitable for Light-colored cloth.

  4. KOBARU Porcelain Marker 16 colors set: Just draw on porcelain and glass, and then bake them in a household oven, anyone can easily make their own unique porcelain as Christmas gifts.

  5. Fredrix Junior Different Shapes Canvas Panel: The double-sided canvas panels are die-cut into shapes that children like. You can use paint, markers, glitter and beads to make your own unique Christmas decorations. Add atmosphere to walls, doors, and refrigerators.

  6. Rowney FW Liquid Acrylic Ink: It can be used directly from the dropper. The vivid color can be diluted to get the most subtle color tone. Its characteristics are very similar to watercolor. Water resistant after drying. Can be used as Christmas decoration on different materials.